Daughters of Wisdom









As Women of Wisdom continues to grow, we are introducing Daughters of Wisdom (D.O.W.) as part of our organization. D.O.W. is a group designed for young girls ages 7-13 that will promote growth, teach life lessons, and build friendships. This group will serve as a space for young girls to develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically while learning lessons that will allow them to transition into young women in today's society. Furthermore, we want to ensure that participants have a support system- each other, and women that will serve as mentors and role models.



We desire that every girl discover her purpose in life, know that she is loved unconditionally, and to understand that she is a valued asset to her family, school, and community.



To ensure that all young girls have an opportunity to develop and mature while having access to resources and people that will make growing up easier.


Next Meeting

February 23-24, 2018

Call Mischelle Houser 336-287-5134 for more information!